Free Printable Partnership Deed Agreement

Partnership Deed Agreement

The Partnership Deed Agreement is usually an agreement that is made between partners when establishing a new or existing business. This partnership deed template helps in setting exact terms and conditions relating to the partners and the functioning and roles of each partner in the Firm. This 3 page partnership agreement template is useful in setting the default terms of the partnership, if in case the partnership is ever in conflict, the rules of the business partnership will default back to those written in the partnership deed. Ensuring that partners are dealt with, in a fair manner.

Free Printable Non Disclosure Agreement

Non Disclosure Agreement

The Non Disclosure Agreement is a confidentiality agreement between two parties entering into a business together and want to keep certain aspects of the business as well as their own information secret from any and every one who have no connection with the business. In this agreement both parties enter into a pact which states that all information disclosed during the meetings pertaining to the business shall be kept secret and will not be disclosed to any other party not related to the business unless expressly told to do so by the

Free Printable Joint Venture Agreement

Joint Venture Agreement

This Joint Venture Agreement lets you create a legal documentation between two parties who decide to work together on a Mutual Project. The agreement details the various responsibilities belonging to the parties as per the nature of the project. It also outlines the way in which the Profits will be shared, and the structure of the Profit Sharing, as well as the sharing of any loss, incurred. It also outlines the structure of the Shareholdings between the two parties. Details to be filled in this joint venture agreement are as follows: The

Free Printable Acceleration of Contract Performance Agreement

Acceleration of Contract Performance Agreement

The Acceleration of Contract Performance is an agreement between The Contractor and The Owner with regards to getting work done in a specific amount of time. To download this free form, just click on the link at the end of this page. Acceleration of Contract Performance Agreement Template Facts It is agreed that both the parties have entered into this agreement, for completion of specified work on the specified date, the owner also desires that the work should be substantially completed on or before a specified date. The contractor will complete the work before time and

Free Printable Independent Contractor Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

The Independent Contractor Agreement is a generic template between two parties, who are The Company and The Contractor. This is when you need an independent contractor who will provide the specific skills and abilities that the company needs. The agreement sets forth a number of various terms and conditions and specific details. This independent contractor agreement contains the following terms and conditions: The company is employing this independent contractor and the independent contractor agrees to accept the employment. Both the parties agree that after the first 30 days of the

Free Printable Standard Employment Agreement

Standard Employment Agreement

This is a Standard Employment Agreement Template that may be applicable in all states, though consultation with an attorney is advised. This agreement is between an Employer and an Employee. The Terms and Conditions of the Employment have been outlined in the agreement, as well as the responsibilities of the employee. The terms and conditions of this Standard Employment Agreement as stated below: The company is employing the employee subject to him abiding by the terms and conditions that have been set in this agreement. The Board of Directors and/or the management

Free Printable Business Consultant Agreement

Business Consultant Agreement

The Business Consultant Agreement is used by a ‘Company’ to employ a ‘Consultant’ for his services and where the company agrees to pay his fees in return for the consultation. It states that the company has employed the consultant to perform a set of services and duties as per the Terms and Conditions set forth in the agreement. This Business Consultant Agreement contains the following terms and conditions: The company is employing the consultant to perform a set amount of services according to the terms and conditions that are present in this