Free Printable Non Disclosure Agreement

The Non Disclosure Agreement is a confidentiality agreement between two parties entering into a business together and want to keep certain aspects of the business as well as their own information secret from any and every one who have no connection with the business.
In this agreement both parties enter into a pact which states that all information disclosed during the meetings pertaining to the business shall be kept secret and will not be disclosed to any other party not related to the business unless expressly told to do so by the other party. You can download this agreement by clicking on the download link at the bottom of this page.

Terms and conditions of this Non Disclosure Agreement are as follows:

  • The term confidential information for this agreement means any data or information that is exclusive and not generally known to the public.
  • This exclusive information can relate to any one of the following; marketing strategies, plans, financial information, plans for products or services, customer or supplier lists, any scientific or technical information, inventions, design, process, any concepts, reports, data, computer software, source code, any other information that should reasonably be recognized as confidential information of the disclosing party.
  • From time to time the disclosing party can disclose confidential information to the receiving party but the receiving party will limit the disclosure of any confidential information to its directors, officers and employees. Each party is responsible for any breach in this agreement by any of their respective representatives.
  • The receiving party must agree that the use of confidential information only in connection with the current business relationship between both the parties and for no other purpose. If done so the receiving party will be held in contempt of this agreement and the disclosing party can bring about legal action against the receiving party.
  • The term of this agreement initially is to be as which can be further extended by a year if the parties are still discussing and considering the transaction between both the parties. However the confidential information that was disclosed during this term will remain confidential indefinitely.
  • The receiving party will notify the disclosing party immediately upon discovering any unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential information by the Receiving Party.

The rest of the terms and conditions of this agreement deals with the notice of breach, warranty of this agreement and any other miscellaneous terms and conditions that deal with nondisclosure. It is recommended that you read each clause in this agreement and amend or modify it according to your own requirements.

Non Disclosure Agreement

Non Disclosure Agreement