Free Printable Commercial Lease Agreement

Commercial Lease Agreement

Commercial Lease Agreement is used when leasing a commercial property. This is Generic Commercial Lease Agreement Template is useful to set the terms and conditions for the renting of a property between the Tenant and Landlord. Since this is a generic Commercial Lease Agreement it can be used in any state, unless the state has a specific commercial lease agreement requirement. The Lease Agreement requires the providing details: The date, month and year of the Lease Agreement, and the names of the Landlord, and Tenant. Address of the Premises that is to be leased. The term

Free Printable California Commercial Lease Agreement

California Commercial Lease Agreement

Free Printable California Commercial Lease Agreement is used when leasing a commercial property in California. This agreement is in accordance to the California. Civ. Code §§ 1925 to 1954.1; 1961 to 1995.340 and both the tenant and the landlord must abide with the laws. The agreement has blanks for the following details to be filled in: Name of the lessor and tenant along with the city in which the property is located and address. The term of this agreement in years, the date of commencement and termination, the amount of rent to