Free Printable Commercial Lease Agreement

Commercial Lease Agreement

Commercial Lease Agreement is used when leasing a commercial property. This is Generic Commercial Lease Agreement Template is useful to set the terms and conditions for the renting of a property between the Tenant and Landlord. Since this is a generic Commercial Lease Agreement it can be used in any state, unless the state has a specific commercial lease agreement requirement. The Lease Agreement requires the providing details: The date, month and year of the Lease Agreement, and the names of the Landlord, and Tenant. Address of the Premises that is to be leased. The term

Free Printable Roommate Agreement

Roommate Agreement

This Roommate Agreement Template is a Generic form which you can download by clicking on the download link below. This agreement is between two tenants who have jointly signed a lease for a shared Dwelling unit, and both are liable to the terms and condition of the lease. Any of the conditions or liabilities in this Agreement do not Alter or Change anything mentioned in the Original Lease Agreement with the Landlord. Roommate Agreement Template Clauses The complete address of the rental unit i.e. the premises that is being shared between both

Free Printable Nebraska Residential Lease Agreement

Nebraska Residential Lease Agreement

The Nebraska Residential lease Agreement Template is a Standard lease agreement lasting for a one year term though it can be modified for a shorter or longer term as per the lessor or the lessee. There are numerous details that need to be filled in this agreement like; the date and the agreement, the names of the landlord and the tenant, the location of the premises, the term in number of months or years of this Nebraska Residential Lease Agreement. The rent in US dollars that the tenant will have

Free Printable Alaska Residential Lease Agreement

Alaska Residential Lease Agreement

The Alaska Residential Lease Agreement template is to be used when a landlord wants to lease his residential premises to a tenant. This lease agreement template can only be used in the Alaska. It contains terms that explain briefly your responsibilities as either the Landlord or the Tenant under the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (AS 34.03.010 et seq.) Things to Type in the Alaska Residential Lease Agreement The date on which this agreement is being entered onto, Names of the Landlord and Tenant, Location of the property being leased. The term of the agreement, the amount of Rent, Damage deposit, the

Free Printable Alabama Sublease Agreement

Alabama Sublease Agreement Form

Alabama Sublease Agreement template can be used for when a tenant subleases the apartment to a new tenant who will share the rent or replace the first tenant. This document can only be used in the State of Alabama. the download link for this Agreement is at the bottom of this page. Guide on filling the Alabama Sublease Agreement The Name of the Sublessor, the name of the subtenant, location of the premises which is being subleased, the term of the agreement of this sublease, the date at which it will begin and end. The amount of

Free Printable Horse Lease Agreement

Horse Lease Agreement

This is a horse lease agreement that is applicable in all the states of the USA. Since this is a legally binding document it is always it is always a good idea to consult with an attorney before finalizing the agreement. With the help of this horse lease agreement the owner of the horse can lease it to the lessee with the setup terms and conditions as per the clauses of this agreement. How to Fill this Horse Lease Agreement: The first clause of this agreement contains the following details

Free Printable Alabama Month to Month Rental Agreement

Alabama Month to Month Rental Agreement

The Alabama Month to Month Rental Agreement is a template which states that the tenant agrees to pay the said amount every month on the specified date to the landlord for renting his premises. This document is only to be used in the Alabama and is governed by the provisions of the Alabama Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act of 2006. This rental agreement has blanks for filling out details like; the County in which this agreement is being made, the date on which it is being made, the name of the tenant and

Free Printable Sublease Agreement

Sublease Agreement

This Sublease Agreement may be applicable in all states but consultation with an attorney is always advised. This Template is used to sublease a Property, where the Lessee who is already leasing the property, decides to lease it to a third party. The earlier lease is entirely different and does not apply to this sublease, it applies only to the original Lessee. The following points will help you in learning how to fill this sublease agreement: Fill in the names of the sub- lessor and the sub- lessee, but the sub- lessor

Free Printable Apartment Lease Agreement

Apartment Lease Agreement

This is a generic Basic rental lease agreement, it may be applicable in all states but it is advisable to consult an attorney. This basic rental lease agreement is used by the owner to set the conditions for the lease, like the monthly rent, annual rent, the duration of the lease. Apartment Lease Agreement

Free Printable Nebraska Month to Month Rental Agreement

Nebraska Month to Month Rental Agreement

This Nebraska Month to Month Rental Agreement is for a month to month contract, to allow a Landlord to lease their property for residential purposes in Nebraska, where the lease renews every thirty days after the payment of rent. It follows Article 14 of the Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act Nebraska. Read the following terms and conditions of the Nebraska month to month rental agreement carefully: The term of this lease will commence on a specific date and continue on a month-to-month basis until this agreement is terminated. The tenant

Free Printable California Commercial Lease Agreement

California Commercial Lease Agreement

Free Printable California Commercial Lease Agreement is used when leasing a commercial property in California. This agreement is in accordance to the California. Civ. Code §§ 1925 to 1954.1; 1961 to 1995.340 and both the tenant and the landlord must abide with the laws. The agreement has blanks for the following details to be filled in: Name of the lessor and tenant along with the city in which the property is located and address. The term of this agreement in years, the date of commencement and termination, the amount of rent to

Free Printable Room Rental Agreement

Room Rental Agreement is a generic template, it should be applicable in all states, but it is suggested to consult an attorney before you use this. It is an Agreement between the Landlord and the Tenant, when the Tenant is renting a room in the same premises where the Landlord Resides. This Legally binding agreement is to promote harmony between you the Tenant and the Homeowner or Principal Tenant. Required Details to fill in the Room Rental Agreement The Address of the room being rented, the names of 1) the Owner

Free Printable Alabama Residential Lease Agreement

Alabama Residential Lease Agreement

Alabama Residential Lease Agreement Template is a legal document that can be used only when you are leasing a residential property in Alabama. Download this template by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. If you need legal assistance we recommend you to contact an attorney. Below we also have details on how to fill the Residential lease agreement template. How to Fill the Alabama Residential Lease Agreement Template Start by typing your Contact Number, the Property you are interested in Leasing, your email address the date this