Free Printable Accounting Service Agreement

Accounting Service Agreement

This is an Accounting Service agreement, which can be used to hire the services of an accountant. In this agreement the two parties namely the client and the contractor will enter into an agreement in which the contractor will provides accounting services to the client for the amount of time the client specifies. How to effectively fill in this Accounting Service Agreement: You will need to mention the date on which this agreement is being made on. You’ll also need to mention the name of the accountant, the state which is licensed

Free Printable Janitorial Service Agreement

Janitorial Service Agreement

Janitorial Service Agreement Template is used to make an agreement for Janitorial Services between the Service Providing Company (Janitor) and the Company needing the services. The template lets the two companies make a legal contract for and needing the services. Download the Template and customize it as per your requirements. The following details have to be entered carefully in this Janitorial Service Agreement: Name and Address of the janitorial Company. The Effective Date of the Janitorial Service Agreement. Duration of the Janitorial Service Agreement. The Janitorial Service Agreement Template has the following clauses: The cleaning services

Free Printable Equipment Maintenance Contract

Equipment Maintenance Contract

This is an Equipment Maintenance Contract which is used between the Client who owns an equipment, and a contractor who will provide the services of maintaining the equipment belonging to the client. The agreement outlines the various details that are to be kept in mind by the contractor while servicing and maintaining the equipment. It is recommended that you read each clause in this agreement and amend or modify it according to your own requirements. This equipment maintenance contract contains the following clauses: All the equipment under this maintenance contract will be

Free Printable Washington Contractor Agreement

Washington Contractor Agreement

The Washington Contractor Agreement is used between an Agency and a Contractor who is hired for a particular job/service/task as mentioned in the Agreement. This template can be modified according to your own requirements and then amended to be in effect. Do take note of the terms and conditions mentioned in this Washington contractor agreement: Names of both the agency was hiding the contractor and the contractor himself. The details of the contract that need to be mentioned in this agreement which are the contractor’s name, contractor’s address, email address of the

Free Printable Standard Services Agreement

Standard Services Agreement

The Standard Services Agreement Template can be used by parties when they are hiring or exchanging any kind of services between each other. The Buyer and the Service Provider both have to sign the agreement and properly modify the Terms and Conditions, Service Description and any additional clauses if required. This agreement is usually used by Freelancers when they provide services online or locally. The standard services agreement contains the following clauses: A detailed description of the services that will be provided by the service provider to the buyer as

Free Printable Cleaning Services Agreement

This Cleaning Services Agreement Template is used to make a binding contract between a Client and a Contractor who will provide cleaning services to the client. It is a simple one page agreement, that contains the terms and conditions that both the parties have to follow to make sure the contract is executed without any issues. This contract has details that need to entered, like; the Name of the Client and the Contractor, The date upon which the contract is being entered upon, the address of the lawn that requires