Free Printable Janitorial Service Agreement

Janitorial Service Agreement Template is used to make an agreement for Janitorial Services between the Service Providing Company (Janitor) and the Company needing the services. The template lets the two companies make a legal contract for and needing the services. Download the Template and customize it as per your requirements.

The following details have to be entered carefully in this Janitorial Service Agreement:

  • Name and Address of the janitorial Company.
  • The Effective Date of the Janitorial Service Agreement.
  • Duration of the Janitorial Service Agreement.

The Janitorial Service Agreement Template has the following clauses:

  • The cleaning services that will be provided by the Janitor at the company’s facilities.
  • The janitorial employees to which the company will grant access to its facilities.
  • The remuneration that the company will provide to the Janitorial Company as per the hours worked per week.
  • The payment schedule that will be followed from the effective date of the Agreement.
  • Renewal terms of the Agreement.
  • Terms of cancellation before the term of the agreement expires.
  • The presence of hazardous materials has to be acknowledged by the company, and any risk of harm to the employees of the janitorial company resulting from contact with these materials is on the Hiring Company.
  • The janitorial Company will comply with all the laws of the federal, state and/or local government.
  • The insurance that the janitor agrees to maintain to protect the company and the janitor from any and all claims.
  • The independent Contractor status clause states that neither the Company nor the Janitor are their employees or agents, and are considered independent.
  • The Janitor will not assign or sub contract its rights or duties without prior consent of the company.
  • The Janitorial Service Agreement has control over any conflicts or proposals under this document.
  • The janitor will indemnify the company from any and all claims, actions, suits, demands, assessments, judgements, losses, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses.
  • The agreement shall be severed / discontinued if any provision or its application is held invalid by any court jurisdiction.

This agreement along with the proposal is the entire agreement and it supersedes any and all prior oral or written agreements concerning Janitorial Service between the Janitor and the Company.

Janitorial Service Agreement

Janitorial Service Agreement