Free Printable Sublease Agreement

This Sublease Agreement may be applicable in all states but consultation with an attorney is always advised. This Template is used to sublease a Property, where the Lessee who is already leasing the property, decides to lease it to a third party. The earlier lease is entirely different and does not apply to this sublease, it applies only to the original Lessee.

The following points will help you in learning how to fill this sublease agreement:

  • Fill in the names of the sub- lessor and the sub- lessee, but the sub- lessor and the sub- lessee together will be referred to as parties.
  • Next you’ll have two filling the location of the apartment which is being sublease.
  • After that you to fill in the form the term of the lease starting with the start date and end date and the total number of months/years that this sublease will last for.
  • You have to fill in the total monthly rent that the sub- lessee will have two pay to the sub- lessor. Along with a fixed amount of security deposit which will be refunded to the sub- lessee after successful completion of the sublease.
  • The number of tenants which will be occupying the apartment and how the bedrooms will be shared among the parties and the percentage of all utility charges that the sub- lessee will have two pay.
  • Sharing of parking spaces will also to be mentioned in this agreement.

Below are of the clauses in this sublease agreement template:

  • Both the parties will have to agree on the term of these, the monthly rent, the security deposit and termination notice.
  • Whether the sub- lessee will have two obtain sub- lessor’s permission for his/her guests to stay overnight.
  • Both the tenant’s will have two pay percentages of all utility charges including telephone bills, gas bills etc. They will also be sharing all the household chores between them.
  • Whether smoking is allowed or not allowed in the apartment, as well is alcohol. And the sharing of the parking spaces.

The rest of the document details about the Master lease, termination of the Master lease condition of the apartment has inspected by the sub- lessee and the start of the lease. Further sub leasing or assigning of this apartment etc. both the parties need to sign at the bottom of the document for this sublease agreement template to be valid. This agreement can easily be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Sublease Agreement